Generasi Kocak: 90-an vs Komika (2017)

Genre: Comedy
Quality: Year: Duration: 80 Min

Alan (Afif Xavi) and Dellon (Adi Bing Slamet) are two male figures with different postures, different ages and ages that are far apart but inseparable friends. Both are the same as gangsters led by the 90s Dragon (Kadir) and Naga Komika (Anyun Cadel).

Running a gangster life full of hilarious action, One day Allan panicked when he found out his parents (Jaja Miharja) who from the village wanted to Jakarta were assisted by a taxi driver (Mandra) who was once famous for oplet drivers. The father wants to see his 24-hour doctor’s clinic. All this time, Allan claimed to have become a doctor and had his own clinic. Allan told Dellon to collect friends from his thugs to pretend to be patients. His girlfriend Susi (Arafah Rianti) and Mia (Resti Wulandari) became sisters, while he and Dellon became doctors.

Language:Bahasa indonesia

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